Monday, September 22, 2008

Phase 2

Yesterday was rough. Lots of pain in my tummy - but much easier to deal with than the cramps in my legs on Saturday night. I wonder if I was slightly dehydrated on Saturday. I have a sensitive gag reflex and Saturday morning when I started gagging, it went straight to vomiting. Well, what would have been vomiting IF I had eaten something. Thank goodness for empty stomachs! As a result of that, I didn't have much room for food (or drink) on Saturday. I maybe had 12oz all day.

Sunday was better. There was some discomfort in the top of my tummy just under my rib cage and where my port is. My port area was slightly warm to the touch and extremely sensitive. Weird.

All is better today. Still a little sensitive at the base of my ribs - but all else is gone.

My body is responding well to Phase 2. I was able to add creamed soups, yogurt, applesauce, watermelon, milk and pudding yesterday. YIPPEE!!! Real food! I made some delicious cream of potato soup and it was heaven! I have applesauce for breakfast (only about 1/4 cup) and it is divine!

I feel less run-down. I feel more like myself. AND-AND-AND...Ready for it? I am DOWN OVER 15lbs! It is a great day!