Saturday, September 20, 2008

Sleeping Beauty

I haven't written in a few days...I am just so tired. I am not sure what to blame it on.

#1: I have been busy. Busier than I have been since the surgery and perhaps my body is still trying to heal.

#2: I have not been so good at taking my anti-anxiety medication for the past 3 weeks. I began taking it regularly about 5 days ago. It always takes my body time to adjust (or re-adjust) to my medicine. I know, it was a stupid thing to do.

#3: Perhaps my body is adjusting to the amount of calories that I am taking in. Heaven only knows how much I was eating before - and now I am living on 600-800 calories. My body may be trying to conserve energy to make up the difference.

Maybe, it's all three. Who knows? I got a great nap out of it today.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Too Much!

Yesterday I did too much. By too much I mean I walked into Hi Health (parked just in front of the doors), waited in the car while Shiela went into GNC and then walked into Jamba Juice. By last night my body was aching. I tried to take some Advil for the oncoming pain (2) and it barely touched the surface. But after the Advil - I couldn't take any prescription pain meds. Annoying.

Today I am exhausted. I napped this morning after getting the kids off to school and it helped. It is somewhat discouraging after thinking that I was really on the way up. Whatever, less than a week ago surgeons had tools in my belly - so really in the scheme of things, I am doing pretty good!

My hip-hip-hooray for today is the fact that I was down 2.6lbs this morning! Last night I was somewhat discouraged when I weighed and was exactly the same. But I am not keeping track of the night weighs - only the morning! And by this morning my body was lighter! Hip-Hip-Hooray!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I made it!!!

I made it! Believe it or not, I went to Jamie's house last night and resisted the most delicious enchiladas. The moment I stepped into her house the aroma hit me...yummmmmmm. But I came with my lunch box full of homemade broth (so much better than the canned stuff), sugar-free lime jell-o, and Isopure fruit punch. Of course it wasn't as delicious as the enchiladas, but it was fine. It helped tremendously to have Shiela there to share in my misery. She and I ate our broth and enjoyed sharing stories about our surgery with our best friends.
I am sure as time goes on it will get harder - at least until we can eat solids. The newness will wear off and the cravings will increase. Baby steps!
Today is a good day! I slept entirely through the night (woo who!). I weighed myself last night and was at 275.8 down 5.6lbs since Thursday prior to surgery. This morning I weighed myself again, of course, and am down another 0.4lbs - OVERNIGHT! YES! So this morning I sit at 275.6lbs. 275! That my friends is amazing! I have been 283 for at least a year. I lost a few pounds just before surgery (doing the protein diet), but to be down 5.8lbs in 5 days. It is totally worth it!
Today I get to start the second part of Phase 1, that adds all types of juice (including vegetable). I can't wait to have some tomato juice. The thickness will taste like real food! I finally feel like my tummy can handle fruit juice (we've been allowed apple, grape or cranberry all along) so I bought some Naked Juice - delicious, and I think we can go to Jamba Juice and order off of the non-dairy menu!
It is a good day!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Back to Life, Back to Reality

Today I am back into the swing of things. My responsibilities have resumed. I got kids up and ready for school. I didn't make breakfast, they ate cereal, which is fine. I am not quite ready for that kind of action just yet. But driving - yikes! My tummy hurts when it is jostled and there are a ton of speed bumps and dips between here and the school. Of course, I have to make 2 trips back-to-back. Wearing a bra is not fun at all, but SITTING and wearing a bra - nearly impossible. It puts entirely too much pressure on my insides.
So tonight at my son's soccer game, we are in charge of drinks. We need to bring about 50 bottles of water and Gatorade (it's still really hot at 4:30 in AZ). We signed up for that little task, actually my hubby signed up - not realizing the date was sooo close to my surgery. So he is going to have to take care of that one.
We have also been invited to our friends home tonight for Family Home Evening. There is a group of us, my kids call us the Mormon Gang, that always get together and we have a grand time. Well tonight it's enchiladas at Jamie's. She said it is a "Bring your own Broth" kind of party. So Shiela and I will BYOB. Yeah...
I am looking forward to the visit. Wish me luck as I try and mentally (and somewhat physically) make it through our first dinner together.
By the way - I am down 1.4lbs this morning! WHOO-HOO!!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Today I'm HUNGRY! My friend says she eats like 3 bites of broth and she feels full "like Thanksgiving dinner full". Not me. My tummy is growling! And growling hurts!

I read though my information and found that if I am feeling hungry - eat more protein. Well, the doctor recommends that I get 60-70grams of protein daily. And for the past few days I have MAYBE gotten 10 grams. So my husband and I went to the store (Hi Health) and got some Isopure drinks. These premixed drinks look like Kool-aid and have 40 grams of protein per bottle. They came highly recommended by my doctor. At $3.95 each, I only got 2 - just in case they were yucky. They are delicious! Well I have only tried the grape - but yummy! It has a slightly dry feel, similar to cranberry juice, but you don't taste any chalky protein powder. I had about 3 oz of the Isopure and 1/2 a can of chicken broth and I felt FULL!!! HOORAY!

I did get hungry again about 2 hours later - took a few drinks of the Isopure - and wah-la! Full again! Protein makes a HUGE difference. I had tried the Kiwi-Strawberry Kellogg's Protein water and it was delicious too, but it only has 5 grams of protein in the same amount of liquid. So really - no comparison.

My body feels better today as well. We went to Hi Health, Costco (for a new scale) and GNC and I was exhausted and my belly hurt from the jostling around from walking and the car ride. But it was doable. I did come home and take a pain pill (the first one since 9pm last night) and am feeling great.

The only downside of feeling great - I want to eat. I had this brilliant idea last week (keep in mind I was on all protein at the time) to buy a spiral ham for my husband to make for him and the kids while I am on clear liquids. I thought they could eat dinner on it and have sandwiches, good idea right? Not so much. Hubby is smoking the ham (has been for 3 hours now) and it smells like heaven. He comes in from checking on it and I just want to lick him. He suggested that I just chew it and spit it out. I honestly thought about it, but I am afraid it might just make me crave it even more. I don't really feel hungry. I just have this need to chew food. I am going to try a piece of gum. So not the same. Wish me luck.

I have saved the best news for last - I am losing weight! I weighed in at the hospital Thursday at 281.4, today I am 278.6 - 2.8 lbs in 4 days!!! It's working and it's all worth it!

A Brand New Day!

Saturday was better. After sleeping in my recliner (I missed the flexibility of the hospital bed) I was able to walk around more and had an ok day. I napped often and kept taking the pain medicine every 6 hours.

The pain medicine is a pill that dissolves under your tongue. Easy right? NOPE. This thing NEVER dissolves! And the horrible minty taste that they added to try and mask the medicine taste was not such a good idea. I have sores under my tongue where the pill sits. I tried to be sure to place is in a new place every time and would drink water with it to help the dissolving process. I also have a sore on the top of my mouth in the very back by my tonsils. I think that perhaps the tube that they stuck down my throat during surgery, scratched me on the way in or out. Nevertheless, it has turned into a cancer. Ouchie again. I have been gargling with Orajel mouthwash. It is specifically made for cankers and mouth sores. It is a life saver. The sore spots under my tongue are gone and the canker is almost healed.

Saturday was the day to remove the tape covering my stitches. So after showering I took them off. Surprisingly it didn't hurt at all. I thought that it might pull at the stitches - nope. Not at all. There are 5 insicions. The spot where the band went in and the port are slightly longer (about 1 1/4 inch). The other spots are 1/2 inch or smaller. My belly button is also glued shut. weird. Everything looks healthy and not as gruesome as I had thought that it would. The iodine that covers my entire abdomen is permantly there, I think. I tried to scrub it off. It may take a week to entirely disappear.

I did it!

Thursday was my surgery. I was not really prepared for the ammount of pain that it consisted of. I thought, "laproscopic, easy" - wrong. Not so easy. I was in incredible pain. I desperatly needed to get up and move around. The other two ladies who were banded just before and after me were both up and moving around that evening. Not me. I could get to the bathroom and back. I was dizzy and nausiated anytime I stood up for too long. But after a great couple of shots into my IV (for pain and nausea) and a sleeping pill. I awoke at 3am ready to walk the halls. This helped to release some of the gas thus relieving some of the pain in my abdomen.

Friday was slightly better - but I seemed to be a day behind in the recovery proccess compared to the other 2 patients. I am slow to recover (my husband reminded me of my last surgery - I took me about 2 days longer to be 'up and moving' than most people). So, it is what it is.

Immediatly after surgery we were given all the ice chips and water we wanted/were able to get down. I thouroughly enjoyed the ice chips. Chewing was satisfiying. And I drank about half the bottle of water. Friday morning was the first "real" meal. It consisted of chicken broth, grape juice (I am not a tea drinker), apple juice and pineapple jell-o. I was not fearful of eating as I had absolutely no trouble drinking the water the day before. My friend, however, was scared to swallow the jell-o. After much bravery - she realised that everything goes down easily. The juice made my stomach hurt. I'm not sure if it was too acdic or what, but it felt like pouring lemon juice on an open wound. ouchie! So I decided to wait on the juice for awhile.

Lunch on Friday consisted of the same thing. I again tried the juice and got the same painful results. Everything else went down easily. We left for home on Friday after lunch. The nurse was surprised that we were leaving and wanted to be sure the doctor knew. After the OK we headed out. I wasn't feeling so hot, so she gave me some pain killer and sleepy medicine in my IV for the drive home. I thought that I would sleep the entire time. Wrong.

It was the worst ever! About half way through I wasn't sure if I wanted to even get back into the car my tummy hurt so bad. We stopped a lot and walked. By the time I got home I thought my insides were going to burst. I totally thought I would be ok - and my friend was! She slept most of the way (and she didn't even have any extra meds). I made the decision to go ahead and come home...not my best decision to date.