Monday, September 15, 2008

Back to Life, Back to Reality

Today I am back into the swing of things. My responsibilities have resumed. I got kids up and ready for school. I didn't make breakfast, they ate cereal, which is fine. I am not quite ready for that kind of action just yet. But driving - yikes! My tummy hurts when it is jostled and there are a ton of speed bumps and dips between here and the school. Of course, I have to make 2 trips back-to-back. Wearing a bra is not fun at all, but SITTING and wearing a bra - nearly impossible. It puts entirely too much pressure on my insides.
So tonight at my son's soccer game, we are in charge of drinks. We need to bring about 50 bottles of water and Gatorade (it's still really hot at 4:30 in AZ). We signed up for that little task, actually my hubby signed up - not realizing the date was sooo close to my surgery. So he is going to have to take care of that one.
We have also been invited to our friends home tonight for Family Home Evening. There is a group of us, my kids call us the Mormon Gang, that always get together and we have a grand time. Well tonight it's enchiladas at Jamie's. She said it is a "Bring your own Broth" kind of party. So Shiela and I will BYOB. Yeah...
I am looking forward to the visit. Wish me luck as I try and mentally (and somewhat physically) make it through our first dinner together.
By the way - I am down 1.4lbs this morning! WHOO-HOO!!!

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