Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Holidays!

Thanksgiving...Christmas...New Year's...OH MY!

I am still losing, however very slowly. On average one pound a week. I weighed and measured at Curves (my gym) and after only three weeks, I was down 4 pounds and 1 inch in each of my measurements. They measure one arm and thigh then double it for total loss in each area. So technically only 1/2 inch in each arm and leg - but I am totally taking it!

I lost 1 inch around my bust (not overly thrilled about that one). 1 inch each in my abdomen (waist) and hips (which is really my butt - they put it around the "fullest part" aka my butt).

I love it! I would love to be down further in pounds - but I tell myself that I am adding muscle which weighs more than fat... Whatever the reason, I feel more energized. I feel stronger. I love my new life! If I can make it through this entire holiday season NOT gaining weight - I will be THRILLED!