Saturday, October 4, 2008


Size 18. 1-8. 18!!!!!! OK let me be 100% totally honest. I went to the store to buy a couple pair of elastic waistband pants because all of my pants hang off of me. I have to practically hold them up with one hand all day long - so I needed a few new pairs. I decided to go with elastic waists so that they will still fit in the next month or two. And I bought size 18-22. I can't even remember the last time I put on this size and it fit.

Granted they were at Lane Bryant. They were actually a 18-22 (not just an 18) but that totally counts!

My latest weigh-in shows that I am down 18lbs. I am in a size 18!!!!!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008


I am bored. Bored. Bored. Bored - with my food options. Let's just review what it is that I eat. An egg, cottage cheese, V8, water. That's it. All day, every day!

Sure, I have more options. I could have boiled pureed vegetables - no thanks. I could make myself another batch of cream soup - no thanks. I could eat applesauce - well, I might actually do that today, just to 'spice things up'. It has been 3 days since my last meal of applesauce - maybe I'll give it a go...again.

We were in a rush last night and had like 30 minutes between one activity and the next to eat dinner, so we stopped for fast food. In-and-Out Burger to be exact, yummy! Well, I can't eat that. So after dropping the kids at their next destination, I went to Taco Bell and ordered pintos and cheese. Pintos and Cheese? Did you even know that they sold them? Probably not. Well, I got a side of pintos and cheese and one of those Fruitista's. It is like a mango slushy. Good right? Nope. The beans were - eatable. The Fruitista - not at all, yuck! So much for fast food.

I am leaving for vacation on Sunday. My nurse told me that I could go ahead and try solids then (6 days early). So I should be grateful right? I can make it until Sunday. I can make it until Sunday. I can make it until Sunday...

On the bright side - I am down another pound! Woo Hoo! Maybe the pintos and cheese are worth it after all.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Twice in one day?

OK, ok, I know blogging twice in one day. It must be something really important. Well my friends it is...

I have found the most delicious treat. Golden Spoon Frozen Yogurt. I have had it before but now that I am on this new track in my life (and not on solids yet), I need something yummy. I NEED A TREAT!

So for FHE we went to Golden Spoon and I got Peanut Butter Cup. It tastes like real Reese's - yum! AND it is good for you! I get the mini and it has 88 calories, NO fat, +3 grams protein - YEAH BABY!

I got a quart to go... (hey it was on sale for $3.99 and it will last me at least a week!) Woo Hoo!

A New Phase

Technically, I am not on the third and final phase until Oct. 1. But the nurse said that I could eat solids the week of my vacation (about 5 days early) so I decided to start this phase early as well. This will give my body a whole week to get used to these types of food before moving on to solids.

I had an egg for breakfast! A REAL EGG! Not a pureed egg, or boiled and smashed egg - but a real scrambled egg. Fancy huh? I ate 1 scrambled egg and about 4 cubes of watermelon. REAL FOOD! It was delicious! I am totally encouraged because my paperwork says that some people have trouble with eggs and I totally did not. It was easy to eat - no problems at all! Yippe-Skippy!

I am pretty much staying the same weight wise. I go up and down a few ounces - but not much change. I was told that the normal person loses between 10 and 20 lbs in the first 30 days. I am down 17ish. Right on target. I have been told that some people don't lose any more weight until their first fill. I am not sure if those people were really my hope is that once I can get to the gym (after vacation) I will continue to lose. I really feel like my fill is in a good place right now. I can eat - but not too much. I feel satisfied easily and that is key.

With the new phase comes new eating habits. In the past few weeks, I have been eating every 2-3 hours. Now I begin to break it into 3 meals with only clear liquids in between. I must eat until I am full at each meal. Sounds easier that it is.

Friday night I went out to dinner (my first time since surgery) and had a cup of cream cheese potato soup from the Wildflower Bread Company. It was yummylicious! I had eaten about 1/2 of the cup when I told Greg that I thought I could finish the whole bowl and perhaps I would need a fill sooner than I thought. Then I ate another bite... Man that one bite pushed me over the edge. I was full - full. Couldn't shove in another bite if I wanted to - full. In one bite! I think I need to listen to my body better. Perhaps eat even slower. I already feel like I am eating slow, but I was told that the portion that I eat should take me as long to consume as it takes everyone else at the table to complete their meal. I was done and the others still had like 1/4 of their meals left. So I need to s-l-o-w down even more... wow.

I am excited to be almost complete with my phases and to be moving on to my new life. It is defiantly a learning process and I can't wait to learn!