Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Weights and Measures

I am back at Curves, working out, after a sabbatical due to my back killing me...again...

I have officially been there 6 weeks - even though I have not worked out for the past 3 - so time to get weighed and measured!
I couldn't wait!

Here are the "Official Results"
Bust +1"
Waist -2.25"
Hips -1.5"
Thighs (together) -5"
Arms (together) -1"
Weight -7lbs
Body Fat % -0.7%

I am disappointed in the weight - but expected as much. I waited too long to get a fill. The 'bust' measurement can't be right because my bras are defiantly looser. I have gone to the last set of hooks on the back (used to be on the first ones)and the cups are not 'filled out' as they were before. There is room for error as the gal that measured today is not the same person that did it last time - but you know what? I will totally take it!

Monday, November 24, 2008

A long time 'a-comin!

I haven't posted in 4-ever. Because I hadn't lost any weight in 4-ever! Agonizing! :(
Let me catch you up...

I made the decision to head to Snowflake and get a fill from my lap-band buddy's older brother who is a nurse and has been trained on how to do fills. He does about 10 people in the area, including his wife and (now) both of his sisters. Easy right? Well, not so much. See I am a passer-outer. I ALWAYS pass out when I get a shot or have blood drawn. Needless to say, I had my reservations. But I really thought that because the fill was going into my band and not my body that I would be fine. I think that sensation of the foreign substance mixing with my bloodstream, triggers my -lets call it - "lack of awareness..."

But I have to say - IT WAS EASY! EASY, EASY, EASY!!! I barely felt the needle and it was over in an instant. Shiela had a little harder time because her port was tilted (which is normal) and he had to "find" the center of it. Which means that when he stuck the needle in, he hit the outer metal ring and then had to move the needle (without removing it) around until he hit the 'fleshy' center part - ewwww... Thank goodness for small miracles - like hardly tilted ports!

It has been a success. I am now losing weight on a daily basis. It did take a good 5-6 days post fill for the weight loss to kick in. But it is back on track. I am re-learning how to eat (slow and small) but I love it! I feel full again. I don't crave snacks again. I am down again! What in the heck was I waiting for???