Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Weights and Measures

I am back at Curves, working out, after a sabbatical due to my back killing me...again...

I have officially been there 6 weeks - even though I have not worked out for the past 3 - so time to get weighed and measured!
I couldn't wait!

Here are the "Official Results"
Bust +1"
Waist -2.25"
Hips -1.5"
Thighs (together) -5"
Arms (together) -1"
Weight -7lbs
Body Fat % -0.7%

I am disappointed in the weight - but expected as much. I waited too long to get a fill. The 'bust' measurement can't be right because my bras are defiantly looser. I have gone to the last set of hooks on the back (used to be on the first ones)and the cups are not 'filled out' as they were before. There is room for error as the gal that measured today is not the same person that did it last time - but you know what? I will totally take it!

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