Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Too Much!

Yesterday I did too much. By too much I mean I walked into Hi Health (parked just in front of the doors), waited in the car while Shiela went into GNC and then walked into Jamba Juice. By last night my body was aching. I tried to take some Advil for the oncoming pain (2) and it barely touched the surface. But after the Advil - I couldn't take any prescription pain meds. Annoying.

Today I am exhausted. I napped this morning after getting the kids off to school and it helped. It is somewhat discouraging after thinking that I was really on the way up. Whatever, less than a week ago surgeons had tools in my belly - so really in the scheme of things, I am doing pretty good!

My hip-hip-hooray for today is the fact that I was down 2.6lbs this morning! Last night I was somewhat discouraged when I weighed and was exactly the same. But I am not keeping track of the night weighs - only the morning! And by this morning my body was lighter! Hip-Hip-Hooray!

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