Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Brand New Day!

Saturday was better. After sleeping in my recliner (I missed the flexibility of the hospital bed) I was able to walk around more and had an ok day. I napped often and kept taking the pain medicine every 6 hours.

The pain medicine is a pill that dissolves under your tongue. Easy right? NOPE. This thing NEVER dissolves! And the horrible minty taste that they added to try and mask the medicine taste was not such a good idea. I have sores under my tongue where the pill sits. I tried to be sure to place is in a new place every time and would drink water with it to help the dissolving process. I also have a sore on the top of my mouth in the very back by my tonsils. I think that perhaps the tube that they stuck down my throat during surgery, scratched me on the way in or out. Nevertheless, it has turned into a cancer. Ouchie again. I have been gargling with Orajel mouthwash. It is specifically made for cankers and mouth sores. It is a life saver. The sore spots under my tongue are gone and the canker is almost healed.

Saturday was the day to remove the tape covering my stitches. So after showering I took them off. Surprisingly it didn't hurt at all. I thought that it might pull at the stitches - nope. Not at all. There are 5 insicions. The spot where the band went in and the port are slightly longer (about 1 1/4 inch). The other spots are 1/2 inch or smaller. My belly button is also glued shut. weird. Everything looks healthy and not as gruesome as I had thought that it would. The iodine that covers my entire abdomen is permantly there, I think. I tried to scrub it off. It may take a week to entirely disappear.

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