Sunday, September 14, 2008


Today I'm HUNGRY! My friend says she eats like 3 bites of broth and she feels full "like Thanksgiving dinner full". Not me. My tummy is growling! And growling hurts!

I read though my information and found that if I am feeling hungry - eat more protein. Well, the doctor recommends that I get 60-70grams of protein daily. And for the past few days I have MAYBE gotten 10 grams. So my husband and I went to the store (Hi Health) and got some Isopure drinks. These premixed drinks look like Kool-aid and have 40 grams of protein per bottle. They came highly recommended by my doctor. At $3.95 each, I only got 2 - just in case they were yucky. They are delicious! Well I have only tried the grape - but yummy! It has a slightly dry feel, similar to cranberry juice, but you don't taste any chalky protein powder. I had about 3 oz of the Isopure and 1/2 a can of chicken broth and I felt FULL!!! HOORAY!

I did get hungry again about 2 hours later - took a few drinks of the Isopure - and wah-la! Full again! Protein makes a HUGE difference. I had tried the Kiwi-Strawberry Kellogg's Protein water and it was delicious too, but it only has 5 grams of protein in the same amount of liquid. So really - no comparison.

My body feels better today as well. We went to Hi Health, Costco (for a new scale) and GNC and I was exhausted and my belly hurt from the jostling around from walking and the car ride. But it was doable. I did come home and take a pain pill (the first one since 9pm last night) and am feeling great.

The only downside of feeling great - I want to eat. I had this brilliant idea last week (keep in mind I was on all protein at the time) to buy a spiral ham for my husband to make for him and the kids while I am on clear liquids. I thought they could eat dinner on it and have sandwiches, good idea right? Not so much. Hubby is smoking the ham (has been for 3 hours now) and it smells like heaven. He comes in from checking on it and I just want to lick him. He suggested that I just chew it and spit it out. I honestly thought about it, but I am afraid it might just make me crave it even more. I don't really feel hungry. I just have this need to chew food. I am going to try a piece of gum. So not the same. Wish me luck.

I have saved the best news for last - I am losing weight! I weighed in at the hospital Thursday at 281.4, today I am 278.6 - 2.8 lbs in 4 days!!! It's working and it's all worth it!

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amyg said...

This is all so fascinating to me!!! Congrats on the weight loss. I am very impressed (and a tiny bit jealous). Keep getting better.