Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I made it!!!

I made it! Believe it or not, I went to Jamie's house last night and resisted the most delicious enchiladas. The moment I stepped into her house the aroma hit me...yummmmmmm. But I came with my lunch box full of homemade broth (so much better than the canned stuff), sugar-free lime jell-o, and Isopure fruit punch. Of course it wasn't as delicious as the enchiladas, but it was fine. It helped tremendously to have Shiela there to share in my misery. She and I ate our broth and enjoyed sharing stories about our surgery with our best friends.
I am sure as time goes on it will get harder - at least until we can eat solids. The newness will wear off and the cravings will increase. Baby steps!
Today is a good day! I slept entirely through the night (woo who!). I weighed myself last night and was at 275.8 down 5.6lbs since Thursday prior to surgery. This morning I weighed myself again, of course, and am down another 0.4lbs - OVERNIGHT! YES! So this morning I sit at 275.6lbs. 275! That my friends is amazing! I have been 283 for at least a year. I lost a few pounds just before surgery (doing the protein diet), but to be down 5.8lbs in 5 days. It is totally worth it!
Today I get to start the second part of Phase 1, that adds all types of juice (including vegetable). I can't wait to have some tomato juice. The thickness will taste like real food! I finally feel like my tummy can handle fruit juice (we've been allowed apple, grape or cranberry all along) so I bought some Naked Juice - delicious, and I think we can go to Jamba Juice and order off of the non-dairy menu!
It is a good day!

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