Thursday, October 30, 2008

I know, it's been awhile. I am just in a rut, otherwise known as a "plateau". Whatever you call it, I am going nowhere. Which is frustrating because I work out everyday.

I am trying to stay focused on the positives.

I went through my closet this past weekend and tried on everything. I will shamefully admit that I had several outfits still hanging in my closet that I had not been able to wear for some time. I was just unwilling to admit that I wouldn't get back into them (denial). But guess what - they fit me! All of my cute new clothes that I bought at the beginning of summer don't fit. People tell me they are hanging on me "like a tent". It's fantastic really, but I hate it. That's my good stuff. What's left is workout clothes and jeans. Blegh. It's too hot for jeans.

The other BIGGIE: After getting out of the shower last night, I wrapped a towel around myself. ??? All of my skinny friends are sitting in total confusion. ??? See, when you're "bigger" a normal towel won't wrap around you. It gaps in all the wrong places. You have the choice of having it gape in the front exposing too much or in the back (also exposing things that should otherwise be covered). I have always opted to have the opening on the side - who cares if my hip hangs out...

Last night - the towel closed! It wrapped around me and actually touched! Granted, I couldn't walk anywhere. But when I stood up straight - it touched! And it wasn't even a beach towel - it was a bona fide, normal sized bath towel! Thank goodness for small miracles, they keep us going.

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