Sunday, November 9, 2008

To fill or not to fill...That is the Question

I haven't been losing weight. I am back in the dreaded plateau. I bounce between 256 lbs and 261 lbs. I can eat an entire sandwich (toasted bread). I was certain that I needed a fill, until this morning when I was back down at the 256 mark. sigh.

I am encouraged (and confused) by the continuing compliments. My friends - the honest ones - think I am continuing to look smaller, even without the weight loss. I feel as though I am continuing to lose inches. For example, I tried on everything in my closet 2 weeks ago. I kept 3 pairs of jeans that were slightly snug with the thought that I would be able to wear them throughout the winter. Nope. The weather cooled late this week and when I put them on, they were too big. I wore them anyway but spent the day tugging them up. All the while not losing any pounds.

I am confused. I am not losing pounds, but inches. I am eating more than I think I should be able to. Do I fill or wait? I have been tracking my caloric intake to be certain that I am not exceeding the recommended 600-800 daily calories - and I am right on target. I haven't been able to workout (only once last week) due to back pain. I am getting another injection in my back on Thursday and the doctor says that I should be up and moving again in a couple of weeks.

sigh... What to do, what to do... Either way, I am wearing a smaller size and that is something to celebrate. I am still heading in the right direction and have had the opportunity to talk with several women who are interested in making this change in their lives. I love my band! I would do it again in a heartbeat. It is totally worth it!

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amyg said...

You ARE looking smaller. Keep up the good work!!